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Welcome to the South Berwick Rod & Gun Association's website.

              Range Notice for Saturday Apr 29th
At the monthly work party this Saturday, the Scouts will be helping to paint firing lines in the pistol and rifle houses. We will be closing approximately 1/2 of each range for the day, to allow the paint to dry, but the rest of the ranges will be open. The other halves will be done on a weekday when there is lower useage.
At this time we are looking to do the far ends first, unless foot traffic can easily get around the lines. Be aware that you may not get the target range distance you were hoping for, so please plan accordingly.

Falling Plates TENTATIVE Schedule

Saturdays - 12 noon

This Sunday - 2:30 pm,
  5pm starting May 7

All members are invited to come join us!*
Sessions are weather permitting.
Sessions last about 90 minutes. The pistol range is closed during plates shoots.
*Ability to hit paper targets required. Click for details about plates shoots.

The next Monthly Club Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 23th

Meetings take place in the clubhouse on the 4th Tuesday of every month and begin at 7:30pm. All members are encouraged to attend.

Those desiring to become new SBRGA members must follow all instructions on the Join/Renew page.

Our next work party is this Saturday, April 29st at 8:30am. This is a volunteer run club. Members are requested to volunteer at a work party or other event at least once a year.
A little help goes a long way!

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