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Welcome to the South Berwick Rod & Gun Association's website.

Scheduled Pistol Range Closures

Saturday, April 30th 12 - 2pm
Monday, May 2nd 3 - 5pm.

The pistol range will be closed for falling plates.
Come join us.

Only .22LR will be allowed in these sessions.

The next Monthly Club Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 24th
Meetings take place in the clubhouse on the 4th Tuesday of every month and begin at 7:30pm. All members and potential members are encouraged to attend.

New members need to attend the Safety Orientation on the Saturday following the meeting in order to receive their ID Badge.

The next work party is Saturday, April 30th at 9:00am. This is a volunteer run club. Members are requested to volunteer at a work party or other event at least once a year.

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Fish Stocking

If you want to help with the fish stocking, meet the truck at Exit 7 at 10:00am on Thursday, May 12th. If volunteers show up, fish can be distributed in more spots instead of all being dumped in the most convenient area.

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York County Fish and Game

SAM Southern Maine Fish and Game Network

There is a SAM Southern Maine Fish and Game Network meeting on May 1st at 2pm at York County Fish & Game. All are welcome to attend.

Clicking on the logo will visit YCFG's Facebook page.

Incorrect Target Placement


What do you think happens to the target frame when you attach your targets to the frame, instead of to the replaceable target boards? You destroy our frames! STOP DOING THIS or you will be ejected from the club.

Seen at the club April 21st.

Grover Norquist - NRA Board Recall Vote

NRA members will soon be asked to vote on recalling Grover Norquist from the NRA Board of Directors. Genie Jennings, the head of our News & Government Committee, recommends voting NO, that is against the recall of Grover Norquist. Alan M. Gottlieb, the Founder of the Second Amendment Foundation makes this same recommendation. In all fairness, here are links to both points of view.

Against the Recall   For the Recall

Use the menu at left to navigate this website. You'll likely find answers to all of your questions. If you cannot find the assistance you need, please use our contact form to reach the appropriate contact. In addition, be sure to check the club calendar and our facebook page for special events, range closure notices, etc.

The club would like to thank Shapleigh Construction, Sherwood Landscaping, and Sunset Distributors for their help in Club operations over this past year.

The following news feed is a service of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action. Clicking on any link will leave the SBRGA website.