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Thank you for your interest in South Berwick Rod & Gun Association (SBRGA).

We will be accepting a limited number new members at the April club meeting. The membership application will be available on this page approximately one week before the meeting. The following provisions apply for submitting your application:

If you cannot attend both the meeting and the orientation, please do not apply until you can. Thank you for your cooperation.

SBRGA is a private, non-profit organization supported by membership dues and various club fund raisers. All maintenance of the club is by club member volunteers. As a member we expect you to participate and do your fair share to help keep the club in top shape.

Annual dues

Life Membership - When a member attains the age of sixty-five (65) and has paid the annual dues for 5 consecutive years prior to attaining the age of sixty-five (65), he/she becomes eligible for “Life Member Status”. To retain Life Membership status, the member must complete the renewal form yearly and pay an annual maintenance fee of $1.00 during the renewal period. Note: fee is subject to change.

Reducing the annual dues

Other fees

Example for new individual member: $64 for the application fee + $64 for the annual membership + $10 gate card fee. Total for the individual new member = $138.00 due with the application. Next year's renewal for this same member (at our current fee structure) would just be $64.

Details of all fees are on the membership application and renewal forms.

Persons desiring membership in the SBRGA may apply by submitting the membership application form available below. Forms should be presented in person at a monthly meeting. These are held the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7:30 PM in our clubhouse. Applicants should arrive between 6:30 and 7:00 PM to fill out or turn in a completed application on a first come/first served basis. During the meeting, your membership will be voted on. We have a limited number of new memberships each year. Once the club limit is reached, no new memberships will be available until the following year. New members are then accepted monthly until the limit is reached again. The number of new members accepted each month will be limited.

New members are required to attend the Range Safety Orientation which takes place on the Saturday following the meeting, at 9 AM. If you do not attend the safety orientation, you will not receive your membership card nor will you receive a refund. It is your responsibility to attend and complete the orientation at this time.

At the safety orientation, new members will receive copies of the club constitution and club bylaws. On completion of the orientation, new members will be issued their Photo ID/Gate card and given the combination to the locks which allow access to the pistol and rifle ranges, and range stapler boxes.


Only valid 2014 members may renew using the 2015 Membership Renewal Form. All others must apply using the Membership Application Form.

Membership renewal form

2015 Membership Renewal Form

The grace period for renewing 2014 memberships has expired. The range lock code have been reset to the 2015 code. If you have not renewed by now, you need to re-apply for membership and pay a new application fee.

Please complete this form and either bring it to the monthly meeting or mail it in along with your payment and a self-addressed stamped envelope so that we can send you your 2015 credentials.

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The membership application and renewal forms require the free Adobe Reader. Most systems already have this installed, but if you need a copy, click the link at left to download and install it from Adobe.

The SBRGA encourages members to maintain an active NRA membership.  You can join or renew NRA membership through the club and save $10 on your membership. The club will also earn a commission on all new NRA memberships and renewals through the club recruiters. Please use this opportunity to join or renew your NRA membership by clicking here.

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