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Welcome to the South Berwick Rod & Gun Association's website.

           *Notice: Game Supper cancelled*
We regret to announce that there will not be a Game Supper event this year. We hope to try again next year, as our Secretary Andi has volunteered to coordinate it in 2019.

                      In Other News...

           2018 renewals collected before the Jan meeting deadline are being processed. If any openings are available for new members, the figures will be released at the next meeting and the 2018 New Member app will be activated.
           The Club voted to start the monthly meetings 7pm. We're testing it out to see if an earlier time brings in members who don't like to be out too late.
           We are looking for RSO and member sign-ups for a special first aid class certification designed for gun ranges. The Feb 24 class will cover AED use, current CPR, and bleed control. Stop by and sign up!

The next Monthly Club Meeting is Tuesday, Feb 27th

Meetings take place in the clubhouse on the 4th Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm. All members are encouraged to attend.

Those desiring to become new SBRGA members must follow all instructions on the Join/Renew page. The 2018 renewals are being tabulated and processed. If there are any openings for new members, the figures will be released at the next meeting.

The next work party is Sat, Jan 27th at 8:30am. This is a volunteer run club. Members are asked to volunteer at a work party or other event at least once a year. A little help goes a long way!

                                Attention Members:
Lines of demarcation have been painted in the rifle and pistol ranges.

The "Firing line" has been painted RED.
In the rifle house this is the leading edge of the cement toward the target frames.
In the pistol house this is the front of the bench toward the target frames.
A "Safety line" has been painted YELLOW a few feet back from the firing line in each range house. Between these lines is the proper shooting work space where loading and firing may occur.

All firearms must be either unloaded or holstered when moved out of this zone.

Falling Plates TENTATIVE Fall Schedule

Saturdays - 12 noon

Oct Sundays - 3:30pm

All members are invited to come join us!*
Sessions are weather permitting.
Sessions last about 90 minutes. The pistol range is closed during plates shoots.
*Ability to hit paper targets required. Click for details about plates shoots.
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