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Welcome to the South Berwick Rod & Gun Association's website.

Falling Plates TENTATIVE Schedule

Saturday, July 2nd: 12 noon

Sunday, July 3rd: 6:00 pm

Monday, July 4th: 3:00 pm

Each session lasts about 90 minutes. Please note the pistol range is closed during falling plates shoots.

*You may be asked to demonstrate your ability to hit paper targets prior to shooting metal plates.

Kim W.

June 12, 2016

Congratulations to Kim W. on shooting her first 50 straight. Here she is receiving her 50 patch from Mark C.

The next Monthly Club Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 26th
Meetings take place in the clubhouse on the 4th Tuesday of every month and begin at 7:30pm. All members and potential members are encouraged to attend.

New members need to attend the Safety Orientation on the Saturday following the meeting in order to receive their ID Badge.

The next work party is Saturday, July 2nd at 9:00am. This is a volunteer run club. Members are requested to volunteer at a work party or other event at least once a year.

Range Closure Notice

Friday, July 15th, 9 am - 1 pm

The pistol and rifle ranges will be closed through early afternoon on Friday, July 15th for NCPD annual qualifications. We expect to be re-opening the ranges around 1pm, but they may run a little late.

John Chick

RIP John Chick

We had a final send-off ceremony for Chick on Sunday where we shot some of his ashes out of cannons, thunder mugs and shotguns. Totally fitting!

Click here for a video of his wife Anna, assisted by Charlie P., lighting off one of the canons.

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